Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Benefits of Meal Prep

Many of my clients ask how I stay on track and keep motivated to eat healthy when life gets crazy. It's simple. I meal prep! I plan out meals on Thursday night or Friday morning, grocery shop on Friday, and meal prep on Saturday. 

The work week always seems to get the best of me. Early mornings, busy work days, and work outs make it difficult to cook meals every night. I find that meal prep on Saturday (my Sunday) makes the week so much easier. Having prepped food for meals/snacks makes it so much easier to stay on track and far less tempting to eat out. It's way more convenient to have a pre made meal then to stop by a restaurant on the way home from work. Sure it takes a little planning and time but it's a lot more efficient to bulk prep then do a little each night. 

This past Saturday I followed my usual routine: wake up, eat breakfast, work out, meal prep. I find it really relaxing to turn on pandora and knock out a weeks worth of meals all at once. I also take the time to pre wash veggies so I can grab them for quick snacks during the week. Since I happened to get half of the veggies/fruits in bulk I prepped them all and stored half of them in the freezer for quick meals next week and smoothies.

On the menu for this week…

1. Banana Bread (a great grab and go breakfast with my iced coffee)
2. Sauteed zucchini, baby portabella mushrooms, and onion
3. Bison meatloaf*
4. Tuna salad*
5. Veggies to freeze
6. Cauliflower rice*
7. Diced watermelon and cantaloupe
8. Pumpkin almond butter spread* (not pictured)

Forgive me, this picture isn't very clear
*recipes to follow! 

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