About us

I'm Zeina. Morgan, a dear friend of mine and I have started this blog as a way to share our cooking adventures with you. Let's start with a little background on how we met shall we? I met Morgan the summer of 2008. We were both starting our Dietitic Internship at Meredith College in North Carolina. I posted a Craigslist add for a roomate that simply stated "must love dogs and recycle", obviously I had never posted on Craigslist before. Morgan responded to my add, having absolutely no idea we were both starting the exact same program. After finishing our year long internship Morgan moved back to Northern VA to be with her now husband and family. Shortly after, I moved up there for a change of scenery. We've been baking, cooking, burning things, working out, and having fun ever since. So really, who better to share a blog with than a best friend? There will be times when I post or she posts and ofcourse, times we both post together! Though we are Registered Dietitians by profession that doesn't mean everything we post will be "100% healthy" we're only human! 

A little more about me...

As mentioned before I am a Registered Dietitian. I work for a non profit medical group in Northern VA. Other than working and cooking I enjoy working out and sports nutrition is my true passion. I've been doing crossfit for 3 years and can't imagine my workout routine without it! Along with crossfit I enjoy running and just recently started learning Muay Thai (it's awesome). Most of my free time is spent in the kitchen, gym, or outside, accompanied by my amazing dog, Emma. She's a 6 year old Shephard/lab mix I adopted as a puppy in College. She's been by my side through my first 1/2 marathon training program (in 2008) and is always in the kitchen near by to "clean up" any messes I might make. As I hope this blog will end up showing you, though we are both RDs, I don't have a "perfect" diet, but I do try to make things healthier when possible and really do enjoy "healthy foods". Having said that, what's life without a few dark chocolate peanut M&Ms (they happen to be a weakness) and wine?

And now a little more about Morgan...

Hi, I'm Morgan, also a registered dietitian.  I live in Wilmington, NC and work for an awesome locally owned business called Wilmington Performance Lab.  We provide a plethora of wellness and health based services including personal training, small group classes, and of course nutrition counseling services from yours truly!
Besides cooking with Zeina, I love any outdoor activity and am enjoying living so close to the coast.  Much of my time is spent with my husband, Sonny- we met at Virginia Tech and got married in the Outer Banks the summer of 2010.  We spoil the heck out of our dog, Buddy, a 3 year old lab-mix who keeps us entertained at all times. 
I became a dietitian because I love food and am in awe of the way the human body works.  I detest the assumption that healthy food can't be tasty and I live by the mantra that you get out of your body what you put into it!  I love experimenting with food and creating new dishes.  I want to open the eyes of others to all the possibilities that lie in their own kitchens!


  1. I am pretty sure I just found my new favorite website! You two are so creative! XOXO!

  2. Love these recipes! And those dogs are pretty cute too :)

    1. Thank you! We really appreciate you reading our blog. Stay tuned, tomorrow I'll post a recipe for whole wheat basil "pesto" pizza :)