Monday, July 30, 2012

Eggs and Pesto

As promised here's another way to eat your leftovers!

This morning I chopped up a few veggies and made an omlete. I used the pesto spread as a topping for bread and served it with diced fruit. I'll walk you through how I prepped my omlete.

Omlete for 2:
-2 whole eggs
-3 egg whites
-handful of cherry tomatoes
-3 baby bellas
-2 handfuls of spinach
-dash of salt
-dash of hot sauce

-Dice up your veggies first and heat your skillet. Crack your eggs, whisk them together with the salt, and hot sauce then set aside. I used non stick cooking spray and sauteed up my veggies for a few minutes. Then I set them aside and sprayed the skillet again for my egg mixture. Add your egg mixture and watch it closely ( I used medium high heat). As the edges start to cook lift them with a spatula and let the uncooked egg seep underneath. Do this a few times to get a nice fluffy omlete. Once the top of the omlete looks mostly cooked add your veggies and then fold on side over and serve. I'd show you a picture of this but I failed! Too much multitasking. No worries, I just scrambled it together and ate it anyways :)

In the meantime toast up a slice of bread and spread some of that wonderful pesto on it!

Eggs and Pesto Bread!

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