Monday, March 19, 2012

Irish Carbomb Cupcakes

Earlier this month I mentioned it was National Nutrition Month and that we'd be making sure to point out the health benefits of the foods we blog about. Today, I'll do my best with this treat.

For Morgans' Parents annual St. Patty's Day Party, which is an event you definitely DON"T want to miss, I decided to contribute cupcakes. While searching for the perfect recipe, I found one on for Irish Carbomb Cupcakes.  They looked delicious and it turns out they tasted delicious too! I happen to love carbombs, so naturally I made these. If you haven't baked cupcakes yet, do it, it's so fun. Honestly, baking just makes me happy, which is actually health point number one! Part of being healthy is being happy! So find things that make you happy and do them. Note, I didn't eat an entire batch of cupcakes while making them or serving them but I enjoyed the process, it was relaxing and smelled wonderful!

For the cupcakes. I baked in steps. Step one was to preheat the oven to 350F and start making the cupcake batter. Note a few hours before I made these I layed out the butter and eggs so they could come down to room temperature. I put a little more guiness than the recipe called for but just a splash or two extra. Here's what the batter looked like.
While the cupcakes were baking I whipped up the ganache. I also added a tsp more of whiskey than what the recipe recommended.
By this time the first batch of mini cupcakes were done so I threw the second batch in and a batch of large cupcakes (just for variety). Once those were in the oven I whipped up the icing. I actually didn't add any extra bailey's, go figure!
Once the cupcakes are cooled off. I used the tsp measuring utensil to scoop out the insides of the mini cupcakes and the tbsp for the large cupcakes. I also used the rounded bottom to push down the soft inside to make more room for the ganache!
Then I topped these little guys with the bailey's irish cream icing. I used a cute icing tip that my sister and mom bought for me to make them extra festive. If you don't have piping bags or fancy tips it's A-OK. Just use a plastic bag, fill it with the icing and cut the small point of the bag of to use as a make shift "piping bag". I used to do this all the time!
Top with green sprinkles if you'd like extra decorations. I didn't but didn't get a good photo of it!

I prefer mini cupcakes because they help me satifsy my sweet tooth without over indulging. Plus they are way cuter! There is absolutely no problem with having a little something sweet once in a while. While Morgan and I typically make healthier versions of sweets like whole wheat flour cookies or used reduced fat cream cheese or less butter in recipes, this recipe was 100% full fat and it was yummy! :) Just make sure these treats only make an appearance in your diet once in a while! :)

I'll post a healthy recipe very soon :)

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